Hello! Thank you for your patronage Hitrend products. Please you carefully read the following terms and issues concerned:
Normal machine functions, complete attachment to confirm the time of purchase.

After-sales service regulations
(1) Advisory services:
Encounter any problems in the process of using the product can contact your local dealer or call the unified national service hotline :86 -760-22831666 / 86 - 760 22128269
(2) after-sales service:
(1) starting from the date the product is sold on the 7th day, the commodity performance failure, you can select the replacement or repair to the dealer.
(2) the eighth day after the sale until within a year, product performance problems, you can choose to repair to the dealer.
(3) the products Warranty valid for one year.
(3) after-sales service Description:
A purchase date of the certificate or purchase bills shall not provide valid proof to date of the factory.
In addition to the host, other accessories not covered under warranty.
Three discontinued models, the company is limited to maintenance services.
(4) When the product needs repair, place important information, make a backup and delete, the company shall be lost and disclosure of information responsibilities.
(5) The Company is committed to the repair period not exceeding 60 days.
6. Warranty products in the process of transportation costs from the users themselves.
Belonging to one of the following conditions, not covered under warranty: More than the guarantee period; Three Guarantees certificate altered and without the Three Guarantees certificate; secretly dismantling; according to the specified operation; water broke and other user-caused failure ; due to force majeure such as earthquakes, fires, floods, lightning and so on.
4 Note:
Environment at room temperature storage and use of this product.
2 Do not expose your product to water or humid environments.
Never a serious impact host and throwing the host to avoid damage.
And avoid contact with chemicals such as benzene, thinner.
Please do not close to strong magnetic field, electric field.
Please avoid direct sunlight or heating appliances.
 5 Tips:
For the benefit of the product life and your physical and mental health, we recommend that you do not a long time at high volume environment, listening to music, so as not to cause damage to your hearing.
(2) singing in public use headphones to listen to music, so as not to impact on others.
Failure, immediately turn off the power switch, unplug the USB plug to prevent the speakers and other components damaged.
4 due to the particularity of the structure of lithium batteries, the unit in particular the use of external lithium battery design, greatly enhance the user's flexibility in the use.
Disassemble will void the warranty.